3. Mai 2007

Today: World Press Freedom Day (Heute: Welttag der Pressefreiheit)

Today we have a special day for our friend catnap40 who is the editor of a newspaper in Ohio:

World Press Freedom Day recognizes the value of freedom of expression, and the sacrifices journalist have made to attain this freedom. It was created, and is sponsored, by the United Nations. While we enjoy this freedom in the United States, freedom of the press, and freedom of expression, is not a given right in many countries.

Each year, UNESCO awards the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize to someone who has made a major contribution towards journalistic freedom.

World Press Freedom Day activities include UN sponsored conferences and seminars on this issue. Teachers are encouraged to create lesson plans. As individuals, we can learn more about the issues. And, we can support efforts to further freedom of the press.

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Catnap40 hat gesagt…

I gotta check your blog more often.
I totally missed Press Freedom
Day. I would have stood in bed, had I known.