15. November 2007

A clip with Emily Wood

Here is a clip from the german comedy show "Sixpack" with Emily Wood as first sergeant.

Please watch first:

Here is the translation (I hope all is right):

First sergeant:
Shooter Jaud - stand up!
How a soldier defines "music"?

Well, today some young people love music ...

First sergeant:
What have I taught you??

Er ... music is an invention of long-haired draft resisters ...
Music is the soldier's whimpering under the ice-cold shower ...
Not music is in the air, but bullets ...
A soldier makes music at most with Stalin's organ pipes ...
Music has no frontiers - the Bundeswehr does have ...
The soldier don't need music, his ears are only good for commands ...

First sergeant:
... and ...

... and ... music is when the first sergeant gives us a chewing out!!

First sergeant:
There you go.
Rühren (in meaning of "Stand at ease!") ... Sie sich nicht vom Fleck ... das ist hier doch keine Disco!!
Don't ... budge - this is not a disco here!!

Carry on!

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